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Mary Kay Sunscreen – Sun Care Broad Spectrum SPF 50

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Mary Kay Sunscreen

The Mary Kay Sunscreen is one of the most beneficial products for protecting the impacts of sunburns and signs of premature aging-induced due to the sun. It is a lightweight product, most famous for its oil-free nature. The Mary Kay Broad Spectrum SPF 50 can be applied to the face or any part of the body for protection against the sun rays or replenishing the unseen injuries of the skin, especially for prolonged exposure in direct sun or at regions of increased elevations.

Why use it?

The Mary Kay Sunscreen is one of the greatest weapons when it comes to fighting the prevention of signs of premature aging. Studies reported sun exposure to be one of the main reasons for the aging of skin and its visible signs. Using this sunscreen on a daily basis also offers you with the best chances of preventing skin cancer. Skin cancer currently ranks among the top list of common cancers that can be easily prevented. The main reasons to use it include:

  • The sunscreen comes with a unique feature that makes it quick to absorb, helping you to get a soft and moisturized feel of the skin.
  • It can provide promising protection against the harmful UV-A and UV-B radiations.
  • It is resistant against sweat and water for up to a maximum time of 80 minutes, unlike most of the other sunscreen available in the market.
  • Clinical tests have proven it to be safe against allergy and skin irritation, making it one of the best products for your sensitive skin.
  • It has passed the dermatological tests for it non-comedogenic features.

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How it works?

The ultraviolet radiations from the sun, especially UV-A and UV-B are known to bring in great skin-damaging effects. The UV-A radiation, though less energetic can penetrate into deep layers of the skin and bring in signs of premature skin aging along with spots and wrinkles. UV-B, on the other hand, is one of the most prominent causes of sunburns. Whatever separate impacts they may have on the skin, both contribute equally to the factors of promoting skin damage and cancer – irrespective of the clouds in the sky. What the Mary Kay Sunscreen does is absorbs the UV rays and scatter them away.

The best part of the product that makes it compelling for most buyers is the provision of broad-spectrum protection. That means the ingredients used in the product covers against skin damages caused due to both UV-A and UV-B light. The antioxidant vitamin components along with the other active ingredients scavenge free radicals and work to defend the skin against the multiple harsh impacts of the sun rays.

Key ingredients

The Mary Kay Sunscreen is loaded with active ingredients to offer you with long lasting protection against the harmful radiations of the sun. The key ingredients used in the product include:

  • Extracts of Acai Berry

Researches on the Euterpe oleracea fruit came up with facts that the berry has the properties capable of neutralizing free radicals. The surprising fact is it has shown 80 times more potency for the task in comparison to green tea, another antioxidant giant.

  • Vitamin E

This is one of the most common antioxidants known to have benefits of soothing the skin.

  • Glycerin

This humectant is known to aid in conditioning the skin to attain a smoother and softer texture.

  • Other components

The product also uses other active components of skin protection approved by the FDA. The sunscreen ingredients have been referred to be both effective and safe to a certain concentration. The components include 3% avobenzone, 4.5% octisalate, 5% oxybenzone, 10% homosalate and 5.5% octocrylene, known to provide great protections against the harmful UV rays.

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How to use it

It is very easy to use the Mary Kay Sunscreen. All you are required to do is apply the product to your skin 15 minutes before going out in the sun. It is advisable to reapply the cream every couple of hours and especially after sweating, activities such as swimming or after towel drying the skin.

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2 reviews for Mary Kay Sunscreen – Sun Care Broad Spectrum SPF 50

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Users with issues of sensitive skin claim this product to be the only product that does not induce itchiness on their skin with zero signs of skin irritation. Some users have become so loyal to the services offered by this product that they have been continually using it for the past over a couple of years.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5


    The non-sticky nature of the product, especially for the non-oily ingredients has turned this product into one of the hottest favorites among users. Users who use the product on a regular basis cannot help but recommend it to their fellow colleagues, friends and anybody who seeks advice from them about a good sunscreen.

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