Mary Kay Lipstick

Mary Kay LipstickMay Kay has grown into a reputable brand over the years thanks to their consistency in quality products. The company has succeeded in providing products, which satisfy the customer’s needs and preferences. If you want hydrating lipsticks with the latest gel technology, you should try the Mary Kay lipstick immediately. This is a quality long-lasting product that allows smooth application thanks to the latest gel technology employed. This is the solution to plump and nourished lips. They come in 12 shades in their attractive black and silver packaging. Most of these shades give the desirable satin-cream finish for a perfect look.

Products Review

Perhaps the most lucrative thing about Mary Kay Lipstick is the slick and hydrating capability. Most importantly, they are designed with the latest gel technology formulation to give them the traditional and reputable smooth cushioning. However, the pigments do not cling well to the lips and can fade away easily with activity such as eating and drinking.

Mary Kay Lipstick Types

  1. Natural Buff: this is a sheer but buildable milky beige nude. The pale color has a way of settling into fine lines.
  2. Raspberry Ice: if soft rose is your preference then this is the choice for you. It has an intense pigmentation, which gives it a smooth and creamy finish.
  3. Luminous Lilac: this is the most shimmery of the 12 types. The lilac pink is not only sheer but also even. It is meant for a sparkly look and comes with a smooth and non-gritty feel
  4. Love Me Pink: This is a pale pastel pink with a decent coverage and buildable.
  5. Haute Pink: This is a famous bright hot pink with sprinkles of a hint of shimmers. The result is sheer and the finish is an uneven tad.
  6. Apple Berry: This is a distinctive semi-sheer and buildable type. It provides the sophisticated shimmery berry red look.
  7. RoseWood: It is popular for its exceptional dusty rose nude look. Rosewood is semi-sheer and long-lasting thanks to its ability to avoid patches.
  8. Spiced Ginger: This is a shimmery metallic nude brown smooth application. The distinctive spiced Ginger and non-grit feel makes it popular.
  9. Sunset Peach: This soft creamy peach also comes with a subtle hint of shimmers. The formulation is traditionally sheer. However, sunset peach has the ability to provide the decent and non-patchy finish.
  10. Red Smolder: This one is known for it is warm bright red, Red Smolder look. It is nicely pigmented and intensely creamy. In fact, red smolder is the most intense shade out of the collection in terms of pigmentation.
  11. Scarlet Red: this is the rich ruby red shimmer, Scarlet Red shade. Although it is pigmented, red scarlet maintains a slightly patchy feel.
  12. Berry Couture: this final shade has a deep plummy brown pigment, which is sprinkled with a subtle dash of shimmers. The formulation is most patchy of the 12 shade.

Main Advantages

The products are easily accessible by most cosmetic stores not only within the USA but around the world. Find your local Mary Kay Consultant for the nearest access to original products.

The smooth application and long-lasting wear gives the Mary Kay Lipstick the edge over competitors. This is the new version with the latest gel technology for a complete cover without patches and shimmery look.

Mary Kay lipstick is known for its cushioning ability. It helps to fill fine lines for a perfect and complete look. All the 12 shades have sheer that customers want in a lipstick

Why you Must Buy

If you want to define your look for an occasion, Mary Kay lipstick is your answer. It is long-lasting and will keep you hydrated for the most part of the day.