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Some facts about Mary Kay moisturizer timewise.

Many people consider that taking care of normal skin is not a big issue but this is not true. You have to look after the skin appropriately by following a specific skin regime to maintain the moisture and hydration of the skin. However, it is definitely true that acne-prone or sensitive skin needs extra care because it is very problematic and complications do occur if the right products are not used.

Mary Kay moisturizer timewise is an oil-free solution that reduces the wrinkles and fine lines. It offers a younger look to your skin. It works well for all skin types even during summers or winters. You can definitely wear this moisturizer without worrying about the oily skin.

The Mary Kay timewise moisturizer is prepared with antioxidants that protect the skin against the free radicals. These free radicals are harmful to the skin and result in premature aging. The formula of this moisturizer accelerates the renewal process of the skin giving you a hydrated, soft, firm and smooth skin. This moisturizer is perfect for mature and normal skin. It aims at reducing the wrinkles and fine lines due to the antioxidants especially proline along with other ingredients.


  • It does not result in any breakouts.
  • The moisturizer is prepared with a lightweight
  • It is a fragrance-free product.
  • This product perfectly balances out the skin and covers all the dry patches.
  • This Mary Kay moisturizer timewise brings the moisture back to the skin.
  • It adds a perfect glow to the skin without having any greasy effect.
  • It adds color to the skin which generally gets drier and duller especially during winters.
  • It is an age-fighting product that covers all the wrinkles and fine lines giving you a youthful appearance.
  • The ingredients in this formula fight against all sorts of free radicals which result in aging effect.
  • This moisturizer accelerates the renewal process of the skin, making your skin look hydrated, firm, soft and smooth.
  • It offers complete nourishment to your skin when applied twice a day.


The Mary Kay timewise moisturizer is a non-greasy lotion that works well for all skin types ranging from normal to dry. It keeps your skin soft, smooth and dewy till the time you wash it off or wipe it. It is a perfect formula that combats the sagging and dehydrated look of your skin.

The Mary Kay timewise moisturizer comes in a classic packaging. It maintains the consistency of your skin. This moisturizer does not result in any breakouts over your skin and does not clog the pores. You should definitely try this product as this product works as a moisturizer along with the age-fighting solution. When you buy this moisturizer you don’t need to invest several bucks in other age-fighting products.