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Mary Kay has been enriching women’s lives for over 45 years with information, advice and products that are developed specifically for that purpose. But where can you find this product information and consultation advice? The Look is Mary Kay’s quarterly catalog. Check out The Look to stay current with all of the latest products that Mary Kay has to offer. If you have any questions about specific products or would prefer a personal consultation to try the products for yourself, I would be pleased to help you. You can email me or visit my official Mary Kay consultant website to contact me or to purchase any of the products that you need.

Mary Kay – The Look – Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn 2018-2019 Features:

  • There are a million ways to beatiful…which way is yours?
  • Introducing our new fragrance “Thinking of You”!
  • Vanilla Sugar Satin Hands – A sweet new scent for soft hands
  • Solutions to bring out your natural beauty
  • The Metro Chic Collection – latest trend for makeup lovers
  • Fall makeup artists looks
  • “Your Way to Beautiful” makeover contest
  • Discover the stories of real-life women just like you.
  • The Mary Kay shopping Guide
  • The 2012 Holiday Gift Guide
  • Mary Kay – Shop for Mary Kay products on-line
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