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Mary Kay Lip Gloss

Mary Kay Lip Gloss The Mary Kay Lip Gloss range has come up with 14 different shades in shimmer and non-shimmer variants to provide your lips with the ultimate care and protection. Be it the environmental conditions or lack of moisture, the NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss can be the ultimate solution you can get to nourish your lips and keep them moisturized. You can even choose from the multiple shades to suit your style. With botanical extracts and antioxidant complexes, this is the ultimate care you can provide your lips with.

Why use it?

The Mary Kay Lip Gloss provides you with a brilliant shine to your lips. It will instantly moisturize your lips alongside providing nourishment and care for them. It is currently one of the leading products in lip gloss range and customers are getting crazy over the multiple shades it offers. The main benefits of this product include:

  • The lip gloss is filled with ingredients that are great for you.
  • It protects the lips in all conditions and smoothes the texture.
  • The product comes in 10 different shades for shimmer version lip gloss and 4 different shades for the non-shimmer variant.
  • Lasts long duration with intense color.
  • This gloss is quite lightweight and offers vibrant shiny shades.
  • Loaded with vitamins rich in antioxidant complexes.
  • Minerals derived from plants ensure that your lips stay soft, smooth and protected.
  • It is non-sticky, making ever application with right coverage much easier.

How it works?

The Mary Kay Lip Gloss applies an extra tinge of nourishment and moisture to your lips. It then takes control of the moisture and keeps it locked in to provide you with a long lasting shine and a feeling of nourishment.

Key Ingredients

The scientists at Mary Kay catalog have come up with an innovative blend of radiant colors with key ingredients of skin care components. This helps to provide your lips with a healthier feel and younger look. The main ingredients in the Mary Kay Lip Gloss include:

  • Pomegranate extract – The Punica granatum is known for its characteristic skin barrier strengthening effects. Pomegranate dates back to over thousands of years making it one of the oldest known plants to man for medicinal uses.
  • Pomegranate Sterol – The pomegranate extracts used in the products have their own benefits. It is further reinforced by the use of pomegranate sterol by the scientists in the product. It is one of the natural fruit derived humectants rich in lipids and has shown improvements in the hydration levels by developing the strength of the skin barrier. The strong skin barrier is one of the most basic requirements for a healthy set of lips as they can lose moisture and get chapped very easily.
  • Complexes rich in antioxidant properties – The main function of this complex is to soothe, smooth, protect and condition the lips in perfect conditions. The antioxidant rich formula is derived by combining Vitamin E with a derivative of Vitamin C along with minerals derived from plants. This complex can provide effective protection to your lips against environmental conditions.
  • Vitamin E and C derivative – When it comes to skin conditioning and soothing elements, none can compete Vitamin E. The derivative of Vitamin C used in the product is known to focus on collagen production and work on reducing wrinkles and fine lines, thus smoothing your lips.
  • Aloe Vera Extracts – Aloe leaf is widely known for its skin calming and softening effects. This plant has deep embedded history when it comes to beauty usages. In fact, it is so ancient that it is believed to be one of the beauty secrets that Cleopatra used to keep her skin young and soft.

How to use?

All you are required to do is put an even coat over your lips and enjoy the brilliant shine and instant moisture boost in your lips. It can even give better results if you can use it with the Mary Kay lipstick, Lip Liner and provide a much finished and professional appearance to your tender lips. It will be hard for anyone to not notice those juicy lips of yours.

Mary Kay Lip Gloss – User reviews

Those who have used it are crazy about the way the Mary Kay Lip Gloss moisturizes their lips. They claim their lips gained a replenishing appearance with a feather proof finish within a week of its regular usage. Not only their lips turned healthy, but also had the touch of perfect smoothness.


It stays really long. Many claim this product to have improved the texture of their lips for good and made it appear much younger. Though it provides a brilliant shiny finish, the lips do not feel slippery at all as you would with most of the other products in the range.


It does not matter if you want to apply the gloss alone or want to put it over another lipstick shade, just grab the item and deliver the ultimate moisturizing nourishment to your lips in no time.