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Mary Kay Car – Pink Cadillac

The Mary Kay career car program is just one more remarkable program that the firm provides to literally drive consultants to success. What would not have a car payment every month mean to your family and you? How about having a new fully packed vehicle in your driveway every 2 years. What if you did not have any mileage limitations so you can drive your vehicle for both personal and business use? This special program rewards working directors and consultants providing them a literal “trophy on wheels” for their victory. One of the most famous vehicles in this program is mary kay pink Cadillac.

mary kay car

About Mary Kay Pink Cadillac car

Mary Kay is actually very linked to automotive culture with its career car program. Basically, if a lady one sells enough cosmetics and have a huge team who also meet their sales goals, Mary Kay will prize you the privilege of leasing one of its vehicles. The earliest Mary Kay vehicles were Mary Kay pink Cadillac, but the firm has branched out lately with other brands and more famous colors.

Sales directors can presently pick between a Chevy Equinox or Black Ford fusion for five-hundred dollars per month or a mary kay pink Cadillac CTS for nine-hundred dollars. Now, the company has included 2 new cars into its career car program. The initial is a black Mini Cooper four Door with pink looks. Mini provides a big range of customization choices, but pink tones are very special without going too overboard. Sales directors who need a bigger vehicle can also opt for a Chevrolet Traverse 1LT, which has tons of storage area and 3 rows of seating.

mary kay pink cadillac

Since the car program begun, several years after the founding of the firm in 1963, 163,000 sales members re-qualified or qualified for a Mary Kay rewards career car. And those members have driven a guessed 4.3 billion miles, according to the firm. Today, there are four-thousand Mary Kay career vehicles on the road across America alone.

The adding of the Chevy Traverse and Mini Copper provides best-earning sales members a complete spectrum of rewards. The Mini still has 4 doors, but it is little and sporty matched to the 310-horsepower V6 and Traverse’s utilitarian aesthetics. It is the right opposite of the 134-hp 3-cylinder mini. Variety is the thrill of life.

The latest cars revealed at the company’s convention in Dallas, Texas enjoying nearly fifty years of pink cars of Mary Kay. We are now wondering whether the firm will decide to do something huge for its fifty anniversary, like a pink CTS-V and ATS-V.

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