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Mary Kay Hand Cream – Satin Hands®

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Mary Kay hand cream offers your hands with a completely soothed, pampered and renewed feeling. This hand cream makes your skin look nourished and keeps your hands moisturized for around 24 hours. The Mary Kay hand cream is infused with a luxurious formula that offers a protective layer to the skin along with complete absorption. The effect of this Mary Kay Satin Hands cream lasts even after several washes.


  • Highly effective formula with complete absorption
  • Offers a protective layer over the hands
  • Dermatologist tested
  • The Mary Kay hand cream protects the skin barrier and seals the moisture within the skin
  • This hand cream formula prepares the hands to enjoy the complete spa experience
  • It completely exfoliates the skin, polishes the skin and removes the dull skin
  • The scrubbing effect of this hand cream buffs away the impurities and dirt giving your hands a soft feel
  • The Mary Kay hand cream maintains the hydration of your skin and keeps them moisturized for up to 24 hours
  • Clinically tested and recommended for any types of allergy or skin irritancy
  • The unique formula of Mary Kay Satin Hands cream offers an instant relief to the skin, protects it from dryness and rejuvenates it
  • When you use the hand cream on regular basis, it conditions the cuticles and nails making them look softer and healthier
  • The Mary Kay hand cream is non-greasy, offers long-lasting smoothness with a protective barrier
  • Fragrance free


  • Some individuals do not like the natural scent of the skin
  • It is a bit overpriced
  • The Mary Kay products are not cruelty-free


The Mary Kay hand cream contains shea butter which smoothens the chapped and dry skin. This pampering hand cream contains Safflower, Apricot along with Sunflower oils which are rich in Omega-3, Vitamin E and Vitamin A. These ingredients maintain the moisture of the skin, protects the skin barrier and prevents the depletion of moisture.


Instantly feel your hands being soft, moisturized, nourished and smooth. Rejuvenate and revitalize the appearance of your hands with this hand cream. It’s a must buy a product because it makes your hands feel supple and satiny-smooth. The Mary Kay Satin Hands cream takes away all the dry and rough skin from the hands making the skin feel smooth.

The hand cream is powered by an extra dose of shea butter along with the inclusion of fragrance-free softener that your hands totally deserve. The experience with Mary Kay hand cream takes you to another level of satisfaction. Enjoy the spa experience with this hand cream and feel the instant healthy look on your hands with a single use.

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