Mary Kay Foundation

Mary Kay Foundation

Mary Kay FoundationMary Kay Foundation mineral powder has been in the top list of skin care beauty products ranges in recent times. It is not just a makeup foundation; it is also a face powder. Users have claimed it to smooth their skin and help them to maintain their perfect skin tone throughout. If you planning for applying colorful cosmetics, well, this product can really ensure that you get the most flawless look. There are a lot of benefits that this product offers over the other competitors in its range.

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Why use it?

The Mineral Powder Foundation is one of the very few makeup foundation items known to provide a lot of other benefits apart from even skin tones. Some of the benefits include:

  • The Mary Kay Foundation is suitable for all types of skin.
  • It has been clinically tested for symptoms of allergy and skin irritation.
  • It does not make the skin oily or put on artificial fragrance to the skin.
  • Dermatologists have tested and found it to be one of the most skin friendly products.
  • This product is totally non-comedogenic.

The Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation is available in a lot of tones and you can choose the exact one that matches yours. You can specifically check out the multiple shades of the skin tones and decide on the one that best suits your natural tone. You can apply it to not only even out your skin tone, but also use it for a solid base to other cosmetic usage as well. The main color shades it comes in include:

  1. Ivory (3 shades)
  2. Beige (4 shades)
  3. Bronze (5 shades)

How it works?

The Mary Kay Foundation is nothing but a beauty product that brings in the coverage of a makeup foundation product along with the friendliness of silky textured powder.

  • It is a weightless powder that can be used for perfecting skin.
  • Wrinkles, lines and other skin imperfections such as scars and marks can be easily taken care of.
  • It provides the benefits of a foundation within a powder.
  • Helps anyone to get flawless looks just by the brush sweep with blend coverage.
  • The effects will not fade away in the middle of the day, promising long duration due to the special transfer-resistant formula.
  • Does not provide an artificial shine, rather brings out perfect matte finish.

Key Ingredients of the Mary Kay Foundation

The main ingredients used in the product include:

  1. Mica – a transparent mineral especially for its opalescent characteristic.
  2. Natural minerals – lightweight texture earth minerals after proper purification and processing for bringing skin radiance and luminosity.
  3. Boron Nitride – to hold makeup longer and provide a smooth velvety finish.
  4. Dimethicone – a silica derivative for protecting skin and bringing out a silky feel.

These natural ingredients used in the product after processing through repeated purification steps can really add a glowing finish to your skin. You can even opt to use it alone without other color cosmetics.

How to use?

If you want to get promising results, you should follow a few steps. Not only this ensures you the best effects but also help you to cover up all your flaws (if any). To apply it:

  1. To begin with, you need to dispense the foundation by just shaking the Mary Kay Foundation powder jar, of course with the lid on it.
  2. Remove the protecting lid and use the foundation brush provided along the product to lightly dip into the foundation.
  3. You would prefer to remove the extra foundation by tapping the brush gently on the jar rim.
  4. Powder the foundation into the brush bristles by swirling it inside the lid of the jar.
  5. Start applying the foundation from the central region of the face and gradually move out towards the jaw-line and hairline. Make sure that you blend it well to attain an even tone.

Reviews from users

Though no one invests a lot in new products that they are using for the first time, a lot of them has made gradual increments and became a fan of the Mary Kay Foundation along with the other beauty products. When used with the other complimentary products from the manufacturers, happy customers have been reporting of ultimate even skin tone experience that no other products with such natural ingredients could provide them with. It is far better than the harsh chemical components prevalent in the other foundation products which are harmful for your skin. True to its claim, it is a true skin-friendly product that shows no signs of allergies or skin irritations. Well none have been reported so far.

So if you are planning to change your foundation, you better try this product.