Mary Kay Perfume

Mary Kay Perfume

Mary Kay PerfumeMary Kay perfumes are top ranking in both women and men beauty products. The manufacturer focuses on quality rather than quality. The perfumes are also associated with class; whenever you pass by a person wearing a Mary Kay perfume, you will notice the fashion taste. If you know the elegance that follows with Mary Kay perfume, you would stock your cosmetic box with these 3.

Mary kay Velocity

Gender: women

The Mary Kay Velocity perfume is a blend of fruits and flowers. If you love the natural smell of an orchid garden with banana mix, this is for you. The fragrance is related to Rodrigo Flores-Roux. Other than the two components, the sweet fragrance is also attributed to mangosteen. Mary Kay further discloses the secret to its fragrance; rhododendron and clementine as the middle notes then woody and blackberry as the base notes.

The four notes define the perfume pyramid, which gives you a pretty idea of what it entails and the fragrance you will be leaving as you walk around people. Mary Kay Velocity has a sweet and tropical smell of the jungle. The banana leaf note gives it a green and smooth feeling, which soothes you the whole day. You won’t smell any banana, the perfume is citrus, floral, and fresh every time.

Mary Kay Belara

Gender: women

The floral and fruity scent came into market in 2007. Red nectarine and apricot are the top notes. Rose and Moroccan jasmine comprise the middle notes while the base notes are oakmoss and white woods. The Mary Kay perfume is highly rated because of its sustaining scent throughout the day. If possible, one would spend the whole day with the perfume bottle on the nose. It is an all fresh-citrus fragrance.

The spicy element of belara Mary Kay can be linked to shampoo or some other sweet beauty products. Sweet fruity and floral undertones attribute to the beautiful fragrance. Mary Kay has not altered any ounce of its components; the allure level of 10 years ago is the same today. The smell is more than good. Also, it is popular because it is long lasting.

Belara is a unique Mary Kay perfume because the scent is indescribable. The fragrance can be best defined as flirty; it literally lasts you the whole day. You won’t have to carry the bottle to the office or school. Also, you should not be worried about your smell on a sweaty day; the  fragrance lasts. Some describe the mix of floral and fruity smell as powdery. Still, it is fresh and feels flirty as well as seductive hence best suited for women.

Mary Kay journey

Gender: women

Since 1997, the floral fragrance has hit the market because of its reserved and unique scent. Most people cannot describe the exact fragrance from the perfume. The composition is also unique; water lily and mint make up the top notes, freesia and peony describe the middle notes, and unlike most of Mary Kay perfume base notes, Journey has 3; driftwood, musk, and apricot.

If you come across any negative review about Mary Kay Journey, it is wholly about the individual’s body chemistry. This perfume is the best you can get on floral fragrances; it is not shouting but is certainly noticeable when you get close. You will always leave a mark and cause heads to turn in awe whenever you pass. The scent is not threatened by time; in fact, you can choose it to be your signature smell. The composition and scent are exact as it were 10 years ago.

It can be best described as juice because it is sweet and long lasting. It is fresh and inviting.