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Mary kay Bag – Roll up bag

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If you are a frequent traveler, whether alone or with your husband and children, the roll-up Mary Kay bag is a great investment. It makes packing of cosmetics not only easy but also quick in locating your beauty products.

Review on Mary Kay bag

The Mary Kay bag is enhanced with vinyl material, which makes it easy to clean. Wiping is all you need to get the bag ready for your next trip. The bag is quality and light material hence long-term and universal use. Travelers find it handy; nevertheless, it can be used on a daily basis whenever you need to carry several items, especially toiletries, which you have to keep in different compartments.

The design of the roll-up bag fits its purpose and convenience. On the top are four pouches with zips and covered with clear plastic. The compartments are large and elastic to allow for more items when in need of squeezing your beauty products. However, the pouches are big enough to accommodate large sizes of shampoo and other bottles. The plastic allows for easy cleaning as well as maintaining design of the Mary Kay bag. The clear plastic is also covered by a dark fabric for privacy in case you are carrying items you feel should be private. The four pouches are enough to last you for a whole week’s trip, and even longer. All you have to do is organize the beauty products properly.

What inside

Each of the pouch is attached to the bag with Velcro for easy attaching and removal when you get to your destination. The pouches can easily be detached from the bag whenever you need specific items once you are settled from a long trip. Also, the detachable pouches allow sharing of the roll-up bag; you can carry toiletries for your spouse in one compartment. The specific pouch can be pulled off once you get to your destination for easy operation.

When you are going out for a day or few hours, the pouches make it easy for you to carry sunscreens and other water bottles. Mary Kay bag can be fitted in a backpack while on a hike or bike riding. Beach bags can also work well with this roll-up bag.


  • The plastic material is not see-through hence ideal for keeping your small and personal items. You will not feel vulnerable because all your items are exposed.
  • The vinyl makes cleaning fast and easy
  • The bag is fitted with carrying handles for easy handling
  • Zippers are tough and durable

How it works

Mary Kay bag is easy to use because of the unique features. The detachable pouches and the whole idea of the roll-up compartments make it ideal for traveling. You have to be organized to use the bag maximally. Organize your toiletries different from beauty products and other small cosmetic tools to make use of the four compartments. Be sure you have zippered each compartment fully to avoid losing items.

You can choose to carry the Mary Kay bag as part of your packages in a backpack or use the fitted handles to carry it alone. It depends with where you are going. If you are only walking to the beach or spending a few hours in a park with friends, carry it along with your water bottle and sunscreen. You don’t have to fill the compartments every time.

Why you should buy

Mary Kay roll up bag is a must. You cannot afford to miss the convenience and flexibility in traveling and outdoors. It also helps you to be organized.

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1 review for Mary kay Bag – Roll up bag

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Mary Kay Roll up bag is very comfortable and convenient for storing cosmetics on the road.

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