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Mary Kay Velocity Perfume – 1.7 Oz

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This beautiful fragrance busts onto the sight with something you would find in any other smell – a top note of rare banana flower, orchid, and mangosteen.  Couple that with dashing clementine and tart mangosteen, and you have an euphoric, exhilarating, fruity flora. It comes in a wild spray bottle that will turn your globe upside down. Middle notes are rhododendron and Clementine, base notes are woody notes and blackberry. No doubt, this Mary kay velocity airy fragrance grips the freshness of mountain air and the crisp, fresh scent of wooden forests.

Review on Mary Kay Velocity Perfume

Leave behind a fruity, euphoric, and floral aroma wherever you go, with Mary Kay Velocity ladies fragrance. Containing wonderful banana flower notes, this Mary Kay perfume exudes a refreshing smell.  The tart mangosteen notes of the Mary Kay Velocity offers out a juicy, fresh and invigorating smell. This ladies fragrance also contains clementine, which deliver an extremely sweet scent. With this Mary Kay Volocity perfume, you will actually will have to be ready for all the amazing compliments.


Mary Kay Velocity fragrance changes and get better every ten minutes, until proof. It is gone. Like a remarkable Chardonnay, it’s done just as your beginning to really get into it. I love this perfume, mainly in the summer. It’s got a perfect citrusy sent and the packaging is sweet. It is a bit powerful, so if you are sensitive to power scents, go easy on it. Some of the big advantages of this perfume are:

Fruity fragrance

Nice pretty fragrance here in chill oblisque shaped orange bottle. To me it is not a happy type flora. Velocity is a pretty bit darker with what are seemingly notes of ozone and bitter orange.

Affordable price

It is the best sporty fruity fresh scent ever. Mary Kay is one of my favorite brand. The bottle is perfect too, sitting upside down, it is extremely different. I love it! It has an orange cap, and clear yet charming bottle at 1.7 oz. for $28 that is not bad.

How it works

The skin is hotter on the pulse points – wrist, neck, back of knee and bend of arm – which helps the fragrance to evolve and offer a better sensory experience. So spray, spritz, dab or splash your fragrance onto these areas.

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1 review for Mary Kay Velocity Perfume – 1.7 Oz

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I love this fragrance a lot. It is a young and fresh and just clean smelling. It actually perks me up if I am feeling down. This is one of those smells that is not too overpowering but I tend to re-apply it because it does not have much staying energy. I use this Mary Kay Velocity in the summer but it is so light or when I need a pretty pick me up.

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